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“At HUNDO™, we empower veterans through a personalized user educational approach. We use interactive online courses, personalized learning paths, and one-on-one mentorship to equip veterans with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the civilian world. Our unique rank structure is not about competition, but about recognizing your progress. As you complete educational modules and achieve your goals, you’ll unlock new resources and opportunities to become the best version of yourself. Use our nine dimensions to wellness and you are going to succeed in any change you come across. Best part? We do this together. We are as strong as the next link.”

How We Remake You | Ready For Society

Every organization or business must have a unique approach. We at HUNDO™ do something that has never been created or seen before. We all can identify with the pain point of leaving military service and feeling like we have been “air-dropped” into society. We feel like we have not been prepared enough for the transition to the civilian world from our Active Duty service. We solve that issue by helping you become a better version of yourself. 

We rebuild you from the ground up as a Veteran.

We only deal with powerful mission statements. Our approach addresses a very specific challenge – the difficulty transitioning from military service to civilian life. We “reinvent” veterans – helping them find their “new mission” within society. Our unique solutions: empower Veterans to become better versions of themselves at little to no cost to the veteran. 

Here are some highlights on how we make you even stronger in all dimensions: 

1) What makes HUNDO™ different?

  • We utilize a user-educational approach with a custom-tailored rank structure. It is unique because it utilizes Veteran volunteers to educate and assist you in your transition to civilian life. Our system rewards, and empowers those who give the most. 

2) What specific services or programs do we offer to help veterans become better versions of themselves?

  • We provide a wide range of education-based services based on essential Veteran needs. These include VA claims coaching, business coaching, life coaching, financial coaching, and so much more. We create the greatest experience for Veterans. We aim to make HUNDO™ the most valuable organization for veterans to transition into civilian life.
  • Focus on outcomes: How do we define “better versions”? We use the 9 dimensions of Wellness as a core foundation of a better person. We help veterans develop new skills, connect them to educational opportunities, improve their mental and financial well-being. 
  • Build trust: Veterans deserve a high level of trust and support. We demonstrate the effectiveness of your programs and the qualifications of our team.



Christopher Raymond


Visionary Presidents have a clear vision of what the organisation needs to be known for and possess the drive and determination to lead and represent the organisation. They possess purpose and passion, motivational leadership, and help to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The President is the highest-ranking executive in the organisation, responsible for crucial decisions, and goals, and overseeing the overall well-being of the organization

Danny Kuppers

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Advising on and overseeing against Security risks. The Chief Security Officer is the first line of defence in providing risk analysis, risk responses, strategies, concepts, guidelines and methods for improving the protection of the whole organisation. They continuously analyse global security trends and emerging security risks and develop appropriate prevention strategies and proactive countermeasures, profiling actual and potential threats.


CPT Ian MacDonald

USVC Management Officer

The United States Veteran Installation Management Command (USVC) provides a support function to the whole organisation including vital ancillary functions that ensure smooth operations. They work closely in support of the responsibilities of the Vice President. The department is charged with oversight of resources, day-to-day operations, and effective communications between departments. Currently, this department also supports the delivery of Coaching in mindset and leadership.



Finch Removed Background-modified

Edward Finch

Vice President

The Vice-President (VP) works closely with the President very much in support of their role, and shares many of the responsibilities. The VP stands in for the President whenever they are otherwise unavailable. VPs are responsible for ensuring the overall smooth functioning of the organisation – developing initiatives, policies, practices etc that help deliver the overall vision. Just as for the President, the Vice President’s role is to represent the organisation both internally and externally.

MAJ Joe Arnold

USVC Public Affairs Officer

The USVC Public Affairs Officer is the lead on all the organisation’s public relations. They are tasked with the development of guidelines, policies, dissemination practices, training and educational materials on marketing and publicity. Public Affairs leads on developing innovative strategies for marketing and communication, both externally and internally. As with all departments, close cooperation and coordination between departments is essential.


MAJ Troy Dotson


The United States Veteran Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) is a major component of our educational programs. The department is charged with overseeing and developing training for our (predominantly) veteran members. Training and education encompass a wide spectrum of educational resources, including our Nine Dimensions of Wellness. Education, training and Coaching are a core component of our services to the “enhancement” of veterans in society.

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