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Ed has been in Coaching ever since the 1990s. Bringing it up to date, in 2023 Ed further qualified as an Exponential Coach, with Rich Litvin. Attributes for Rich Litvin include: founder of the ‘4 percent Club’ for the best Coaches in the world; and world-renowned Coach to Special Forces leaders, NASA scientists, presidential candidates and the alike.

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We have the expertise to Coach you through the steps to unlocking your hidden potential and building a successful enterprise. It can be in virtually any sector. The subject is far less relevant to the process of Coaching you than the processes you need to go through. Let us be your guide – Coach you to success.

Have you thought about leveraging your specialist knowledge to coach others? It is a highly rewarding career.

You already have a lot of the attributes of a great Coach, but perhaps didn’t realise it.

You need the right training and support to become an excellent Coach. Stand out and become a leader in your field.

Did you know that even Coaches employ Coaches? It is true, and all the best Coaches do this.

You possess expertise and many relevant life stories that others want to hear. Why not share these?

Speaking opportunities fall into two categories: those you do for free, and paid speaking. Professional speakers make a lucrative career out of speaking engagements. The demand for speakers is huge!

This is a sector that some people specialise in exclusively, but also falls within the wider remit of other Coaches.

What we do here at Finch Model is work as an Exponential Coach (based on the model taught by Rich Litvin).

An Exponential Coach asks deeper, meaningful questions. They listen deeply and share deep insights. They unlock the potential within you and help you to finally address your own limiting beliefs.

We help you to find the life that you never dreamed possible.

Do you already have an established business as a veteran? Know that you need help?

Support is available in one of two options: Coaching, or Mentoring. Finch Model specialise in business Coaching.

Our work is similar to personal Coaching – helping you to unlock your true potential. In this instance we do so for your business; and also, for you as the business owner.

Leadership in civilian life is different to the Armed Services. However, many of the skills are transferable. Many veterans make excellent leaders in civilian life.

If you are interested in pursuing this career path then you have come to the right place.

Finch Model has methods of executive Coaching that are not available anywhere else!

This is “high level” Coaching. Ask for details if you would like help in this area or would like to pursue a career as an Executive Coach.

Ed spent decades in the charity/nonprofit sector, so has deep insights. His roles started at entry level and worked his way up to Chief Executive.

His experience encompasses several Director/Trustee roles and President.

Based on his insights, Ed developed a whole set of systems and processes that can easily streamline the whole operation, management and governance of nonprofits.

America has more nonprofit organisations than any other country.


embrace the future


This certificate is an expression of extreme satisfaction on how you have performed within the company’s vision and provided services that have created a tremendous impact on the overall organization’s success. It is important to understand that selfless service is not an act, it is a behaviour, a skill that one has to practice continuously. You have continued to live through selfless service. On behalf the United States Department of Veteran Command, “We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious service, level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on each project, and the way you conduct business as a whole.” 

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Do you know what you are truly capable of? Don't live with regrets.

VIP Programs – Coaching to clients

VIP coaching programs offer a exclusive ways to serve your high-end clientele. Create a distinctive VIP program.

Coaching Consultancy – unique models

In the crowded world of coaching consultancies, standing out requires a unique approach.

Speaker – guest for Podcasts, events, etc

Become a sought-after speaker for podcasts, events, and more. Learn how you can position yourself.

In-depth understanding of your future self

There are various ways to uncover your true potential and become the best version of yourself.

Finch Model


With over 30+ Years of coaching experience, Edward Finch is the expert coach that you need. Ed began his coaching journey in the late 1990's and became one of the first nationally recognized coaches with the ability to assess other coaches abilities. Ed's dedication & passion to the coaching profession lends him the ability to guide other coaches in their pursuit of financial freedom.




With over 30+ Years of coaching experience, Edward Finch a man who does not need an extensive list of testimonials. We want you to become part of the prestigious VETERAN HUNDO CLUB. We want to welcome you to the HUNDO CLUB team. We are dealing with the most elite people of this great country. We will give nothing but the absolute best.

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9 Things Needed to Start a Business

Entrepreneurship and startups are increasing in United States due to what we are doing at HUNDO™ . The Government of U.S.A. also provides many benefits to encourage and promote startups. However, establishing your own business requires a lot of work. Starting a business involves having a business idea, getting the legal requirements and marketing it. Below are the things needed to start a new business in United States with the help of our members.

fundamentals are key


Create a business plan including key business milestones, financials and timelines. It acts as a blueprint of your business. The business plan should describe your company’s values and mission statement that guides you during difficult projects or times in your business. Some of the essential components that a business plan contains are as follows:

  • Company description
  • Executive summary
  • Services and products available
  • Market analysis
  • Implementation process and business strategy
  • Team management
  • Financial projections and plans

From experience. Launch your product to see if it has market feedback. A business plan should only be a tool to expand your knowledge on your choice of business.

You need to decide the name of your company or firm. In USA, the company or firm name should not be similar to an already existing company or firm name. When the company name is similar to an existing company name or trademark, the Registrar of Companies will reject your company registration application. Thus, it is essential to select a name for your business which is legally acceptable.

You need to conduct a name search before deciding on the name. The name search will help you know if a company exists with a similar name that you are proposing to keep for your business. If a company already exists with the same name, you need to think of another name for your company. Think of names that are not difficult, long or hard to remember. It needs to be unique so your customers can remember and refer to others. A unique name not similar to other company names is also easy to register.

Easy fix is to find a domain name which is available on the internet and go that route. No reason to over complicate things.

Every business requires funding. Sometimes the entrepreneurs start the business from their savings or by collecting funds from their relatives or family. Usually, small businesses are self-funded. However, you can also obtain funds from various sources mentioned below to establish and run your business:

  • Banks offer loans (working capital and term loan) to businesses. Many banks have introduced various loan schemes for businesses.
  • Most cooperative societies offer loans for small businesses when the entrepreneur purchases their shares.
  • Businesses can raise capital through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding means attracting investment from relatives, friends, community, neighbours or the general public in exchange for the company stock.
  • Businesses can approach venture capitalists and angel investors to obtain funds. They offer great funding opportunities for startups and small businesses.

After deciding on the business name and office location, you need to register your business for it to be legally recognised. You can choose any one of the following business structures for establishing your business:

  • Sole proprietorship firm
  • Partnership firm
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • One Person Company (OPC)
  • Private limited company
  • Public limited company

Sole proprietorship and partnership firms have unlimited liability and do not have a separate legal personality from their owners or partners. However, they have fewer compliances, and the registration cost is low compared to other types of business structures.

LLP, OPC, and private and public company members have limited liability and are recognised as separate legal entities. It is easy to raise funds as investors prefer to invest in companies or LLP. However, they need to adhere to many compliances.

Additionally, businesses also have to obtain the shop and establishment act registration, municipality or civic body permissions, electricity and water connections and other specific licenses applicable depending on the nature of business, such as GST registration, FSSAI license, trade license, etc.

It is essential to have a bank account in the name of your business. All business transactions must be carried out through the business bank account since it ensures you do not mix your personal and business transactions. However, before choosing a bank to open an account, you need to consider certain details, such as bank overdraft facility, free cheque limit, loan facility, letter of credit facility, etc.

Disclaimer: The materials provided herein are solely for information purposes. No attorney-client relationship is created when you access or use the site or the materials. The information presented on this site does not constitute legal or professional advice and should not be relied upon for such purposes or used as a substitute for legal advice from an attorney licensed in your state.

An office address of your company or firm is required for registering your business and official business communications. You can start a business from your house or on rented premises. However, if your business is online, you can conduct the business from home; thus, your home will be the business office address.

You need to consider several factors while selecting a place to buy or rent for your office. The business office should be in an approachable area near the main roads as it will be easy for your customers to travel and locate it. However, if you start an online business, creating an e-commerce store is ideal as they have multiple payment choices and allow direct ordering.

Technology plays a significant role in the growth of a business. Listing the products or services of a business on the website helps the customers know your business better and avail of your services or buy your products. Many people prefer online shopping and services; thus, having a business website helps acquire more customers. 

A professional and active website and email address will allow customers to contact you quickly. When the business is entirely online, it needs to have an active business website since the website is the primary place where the customers can contact you. The website needs to have your contact information, a brief about your company, a list of products or services, prices and other important details.

After registering your business, promotion plays a vital role in acquiring customers. You need to create marketing strategies to promote your business products and services. Promoting your business online is the fastest way to reach potential customers. Apart from having a business website, opening business accounts on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube help to reach a large audience and grow your business.

You can launch videos of your business products and services, their salient features, upload relevant pictures, and other information on your business social media pages. You may also use traditional methods to promote your business, such as advertising on local radio, newspapers, distributing pamphlets, etc.

Understand the commitment and challenges involved in starting a business. Starting a business is a huge commitment. Entrepreneurs often fail to appreciate the significant amount of time, resources, and energy needed to start and grow a business. Here are some of the biggest challenges to starting and growing a business: coming up with a great and unique product or service, having a strong plan and vision for the business, having sufficient capital and cash flow, finding great employees, firing bad employees quickly in a way that doesn’t result in legal liability, working more than you expected, and not getting discouraged by rejections from customers.


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The Impact You’ve Made: The certificate emphasizes the positive impact your service has had on the organization’s success. This is a great testament to your contributions and how your work aligns with the company’s vision.

Selfless Service as a Skill: The message goes beyond simply praising your acts of service. It highlights “selfless service” as a skill you’ve honed through continuous practice. This emphasizes the dedication and effort you’ve put into consistently going above and beyond.

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With over 30+ Years of business experience, Joe Arnold is the expert fundamentalist that you need. Joe began his coaching journey in the early 2000's and became one of the first sole proprietors with the ability to assess other persons vulnerabilities in a business. Joe's dedication & passion to explaining the basics and fundamentals for future veterans is just one more step closer to success for you as a veteran.

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