are you ready to build a mission based business On Saturday 23rd December 2023?

We are proud to announce that this global event will take place. We are bringing together the best people and services to support veterans.

Our first partnership is with FINCH MODEL. HUNDO CLUB are proud to announce this partnership, for outstanding benefits in the service of veterans. You have the opportunity to learn from a experienced business coach.


Create a mission-based money-making business

• Need a new mission, as a veteran
• Got a lot of skills, but don’t quite know what to do next
• Tried courses and/or coaches but it hasn’t worked out for you. Feeling skeptical
• Confused by information overload
• Getting distracted
• Not sure about what your niche should be
• Having trouble narrowing down who your ideal client avatar is
• Are a naturally private person (don’t feel comfortable sharing all life details online).
Yet social media and marketers are telling you that you must go fully public!
• Know that you need help and support “working on yourself”
• Suffering from PTSD and not sure if this will work for you?
• Have many skills but don’t know everything
• Tired of working hard and not getting results
No one gets left behind!

Create a mission-based money-making business

Why Ed Finch Model?

Below you will find a list of the main areas of Coaching expertise available. If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask. Either we can help or we know where to refer you for the right support:

We have the expertise to Coach you through the steps to unlocking your hidden potential and building a successful enterprise. It can be in virtually any sector. The subject is far less relevant to the process of Coaching you than the processes you need to go through. Let us be your guide – Coach you to success.

Have you thought about leveraging your specialist knowledge to coach others? It is a highly rewarding career.

You already have a lot of the attributes of a great Coach, but perhaps didn’t realise it.

You need the right training and support to become an excellent Coach. Stand out and become a leader in your field.

Did you know that even Coaches employ Coaches? It is true, and all the best Coaches do this.

You possess expertise and many relevant life stories that others want to hear. Why not share these?

Speaking opportunities fall into two categories: those you do for free, and paid speaking. Professional speakers make a lucrative career out of speaking engagements. The demand for speakers is huge!

This is a sector that some people specialise in exclusively, but also falls within the wider remit of other Coaches.

What we do here at Finch Model is work as an Exponential Coach (based on the model taught by Rich Litvin).

An Exponential Coach asks deeper, meaningful questions. They listen deeply and share deep insights. They unlock the potential within you and help you to finally address your own limiting beliefs.

We help you to find the life that you never dreamed possible.

Do you already have an established business as a veteran? Know that you need help?

Support is available in one of two options: Coaching, or Mentoring. Finch Model specialise in business Coaching.

Our work is similar to personal Coaching – helping you to unlock your true potential. In this instance we do so for your business; and also, for you as the business owner.

Leadership in civilian life is different to the Armed Services. However, many of the skills are transferable. Many veterans make excellent leaders in civilian life.

If you are interested in pursuing this career path then you have come to the right place.

Finch Model has methods of executive Coaching that are not available anywhere else!

This is “high level” Coaching. Ask for details if you would like help in this area or would like to pursue a career as an Executive Coach.

Ed spent more than two decades in the charity/nonprofit sector, so have deep insights. His roles started at entry level and worked his way up to Chief Executive.

His experience encompasses several Director/Trustee roles and President.

Based on his insights, Ed developed a whole set of systems and processes that can easily streamline the whole operation, management and governance of nonprofits.

America has more nonprofit organisations than any other country.



I discovered my perfect coaching audience with Ed's guidance. We worked together on goals ... Now I finally understand who to coach. Ed helped me break down the ideas I had and by the end of our call had helped me realize where to make changes and what to focus on.
Michael Perin
TBI Coach
Ed reinforced my thoughts on how I should proceed with my business. Only doing the things in a way that resonates with me, not what I feel I have to do. This is more likely to bring clients to me that resonates with what I believe in and is more likely to lead to my success. Thank you
Mrs Tracy Binnie
Mr. Edward Finch is an astonishing and charismatic person. We have had several appointments to improve the companies overall performance. He is extremely insightful and highly intuitive. He will be a partner of ours for years to come God willing.
Raymond VHC CEO 2
Christopher Raymond
Director of HUNDO CLUB

Need Advice?

Book an appointment with Ed Finch.

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Ready to become a Veteran on a new Mission?

With our help and support you will reach an in-depth understanding of your future self, and learn how to achieve your potential.

Our methods are unique to us. But based on a lifetime of learning, study, testing and development.


the HUNDO CLUB is for all veterans. It is not only for veterans whom are 100% disabledThe reason we call us members of the “HUNDO CLUB” is because we the veterans, Are someone who at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “the united states of america” for an amount of “up to, and including his or her life.” 

mission possible: If you need a new mission as veteran this is the place to be. you will learn how to use the finch model for success. How to create a mission based money making business.  this event is free to attend. If you have tried courses and or coaches but it has not worked out for you this will remove your confusion. “anything is possible when you have the right tools in the tool box.” Ed Finch has over 40+ years of business Experience. 30+ years as a business coach. 



We welcome all and new awe inspiring goods and services to venture fourth together. If you have a passion to change a Veterans’ life. We are ready to work with you.

We want to welcome you to the HUNDO CLUB team. We are dealing with the most elite people of our great country. We will give nothing but the absolute best.

Raymond VHC CEO 2

“There is nothing to stop the progress of success. The only success that matters is you taking control of your life once more.”

Christopher Raymond
veteran hundo club