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the HUNDO CLUB is for all united states veterans. It is not only for veterans whom are 100% disabledThe reason we call us members of the “HUNDO CLUB” is because we the veterans, Are someone who at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “the united states of america” for an amount of “up to, and including his or her life.” 

This is the honor we give. we are the ones that gave “100% of ourselves in the request of the united states government.”





what makes us completely unique from anything on the market? 

  • We Do Not Charge 20-40% Of Your Veteran Benefits. period. we are a social club helping other veterans network, invests into you to make you a better person. to be able to educate you on your disability Compensation and pension questions. 
  • We Do Not Charge 6x Your Backpay Of Your Veteran Benefits. Period. We again are not in it solely for the money. you are a disabled veteran and need a helping hand in the process. we are your helping hand. 
  • We provide a substantial amount of services beyond vA claims coaching. We offer an array of programs such as wordpress development coaching, business coaching, 
We are Different on purpose. we choose to be the #1 source for veterans globally. We want that for you. we want you to understand that this process is not only for the “few” who are entitled to 100% disability Compensation. VETERAN HUNDO CLUB wants to service all veterans.
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we are an education company. We want you to understand and reinforce the reason why what we offer is invaluable. We teach you “how” a VA claim is understood. We really do care about your welfare. Working with us helps you take a completely complex system and simplify it. literally into simple terms. We work extremely hard for you. we really want you to get the knowledge and tools you deserve as a veteran. SO WHAT IS IT THAT VETERAN HUNDO CLUB DOES DIFFERENTLY THAN ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION?


When It Comes To Navigating The Complex World Of Veteran Benefits And Claims, Having A Reliable And Knowledgeable Partner By Your Side Can Make All The Difference. That’s Why Our Lifetime Service For Case Assistance Is Designed To Provide Veterans With Unparalleled Support Throughout Their Entire Journey. 

Whether You’re Facing Denial, Deferral, Disability Compensation, Or Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), Our Team Of Experts Is Here To Help. We Understand That Each Case Is Unique, And We Tailor Our Assistance To Meet Your Specific Needs.


Once you become a SPARTAN or HUNDO CLUB MEMBER, you will for the rest of your life have a couch, guide to give guidance at any point in time. We do this because we firmly believe in “LEAVING ON ONE BEHIND”. We also know what we produce is done correctly the first time and we live by that Standard.

Once you become a Member of either of our programs; HUNDO CLUB SPARTAN or VETERAN OF HUNDO CLUB  you get access to our superbly designed educational programs, a VA disability claim expert will reach out to book create your custom tailored curriculum. we are ready to develop a plan that will bring you a real change in life.


We will analyze every aspect of your medical records, service records, after service medical conditions, and develop a plan of action to ensure you get every percentage allowed legally by law. We will develop supporting evidence, secondary evidences, sworn statements, buddy letters, and a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure the submission is bullet proof.

Our process will review your existing medical evidence & identify gaps between your current VA disability benefits,

You will learn How we won our VA Claim, Secondary Service Connection, High-Value VA Claims, C&P Exam Preparation and more.


Once you hire us; you have access to unlimited video conversations by making an appointment through our site. If its an Emergency Question; you can email us or use our direct browser to reach us. Use your Client Order Number and we will look into supporting what ever situation your having a conflicting issue.

We will connect you with our provider network for medical examinations, disability nexus letters and support network. You will have access to hundreds of our templates for sworn statements which outline everything you need to succeed. We will give you every tool in the tool box. Every single person is treated like our only client.



we ask you questions only after we listen to you intently. we aim to discover information that will help emphasize how valuable you really are by finding the problem and defining the solution together. 


We do not barging in premature, boilerplate hard sells. we focus on asking-detailed questions to get to the root of what you the prospect want. we encourage you to tell us more about what you need.


We ensure not to be salespeople but people you trust. We build lasting relationships because we would like for you to support the veteran community in the long run. We aim to work together to support you.


Our goal is to understand the situation, define the problem and create a solution in the short term and long term so we can get you the financial and emotional benefits you deserve. We are here to give real help.





  • LIFETIME SERVICE FOR CASE ASSISTANCE (Denial, Deferral, Disability Compensation, Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), Claims Based on Special Circumstances & More)
  • Join once, own it for life and repeat as often as you want. Ask for support for nearly anything we will try to get you the answers or support your requesting.

HUNDO CLUB supports our Veterans.

  • UNLIMITED Technical Support For Cases For The Veteran.

Veteran Hundo Club is committed to helping the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs care for the men and women who’ve served our country.

Innovation enables VA offices and campuses to connect people, devices and buildings with smart technologies. With Hundo Club’s innovations, the VA can improve safety and share real-time information to improve patient outcomes.

And our support for Veterans goes much further. to partnering with Veterans organizations, Hundo Club will always be here for those who served. And those who serve them.  


Why Choose Part Time Couching When You Can Receive A Lifetime Of Coaching?

We believe that as we go through life we experience situations and seasons where we need another person’s accountability, encouragement, and insight in order to change and grow. By choosing to work with us, we’ll enter into a partnership where together we’ll identify areas that need attention and their obstacles, explore possibilities, and set goals to allow yourself to move toward a more fulfilling life. By starting with identifying your needs and values this will allow you to make choices that benefit yourself moving forward. By finding awareness in unhealthy habits, patterns, and beliefs, you can then start exploring and setting goals to help you start living a life of passion, fulfillment, and success. Everyone has a purpose, mission, and vision, that reflect who you were created to be in life. By discovering these things, you can live life in confidence.

The possibilities are unlimited. Your future is Unlimited.

  • UNLIMTED TEMPLATE DOWNLOADS For Sworn Statements, Affidavits, Buddy Letters, Nexus Letters, Lay Witness Statements.
  • We will even customize your templates upon request.

When a veteran develops a disability or condition as a result of their military service, they may be eligible for VA disability compensation. To receive the correct amount of benefits, the veteran must report their disability as accurately and honestly as possible. One way to support the effects of a disability is to have a friend, relative, peer, or fellow service member draft a statement supporting what the veteran tells their claim adjudicator.

These buddy letters can help a veteran build a solid case even when they may be lacking certain medical records or evidence of the true effects a disability has had on their daily life.


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs provide assistance to people who meet our requirements for disability.


get a unique emblem only issued to veterans who have donated to vETERAN HUNDO CLUB™ on HUNDO-CLUB-SOCIAL profile! make a MINIMUM DONATION OF $20.00 USD  and embark on an empowering journey with like-minded individuals within the Spartan community. Together, we can conquer challenges, achieve personal growth, and positively impact ourselves and others around us.

  • MEMBERSHIP FOR THE SPARTAN PROGRAM IS BASED SOLELY ON DONATIONS.  your in control of your future. help others take control of theirs. brothers and sisters in arms. 
  • Your awarded with a special emblem on your veteran hundo club social profile that can only be given by donating to support our cause. The community will know your one of the select few have given back to the community. 
  • all proceeds directly support Hundo Club™ building the next generation social networking platform for you. support programs that community vote upon such as emergency funds for those in dire need, vA claims coaching, business coaching, legal assistance and so much more.




Going against the Department of Veteran Affairs. It is exactly like the Battle of Thermopylae. We are constantly fighting to get what we are entitled too with your compensation and pension. Protecting what is ours against a storm that seems unrelenting. It is us the few; against the Government. We know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to get your disability compensation from the Veteran Affairs. 

The SPARTAN PROGRAM is about getting every Veteran their entitlements. The opportunity for real support at little to no cost. It is about getting the tools of what really works at the HUNDO CLUB. It is about winning this war on getting your benefits you deserve. The spartan program just means that you support hUNDO CLUB™ and are willing to help other veterans in the same way.  

get a unique emblem only issued to veterans who have donated to vETERAN HUNDO CLUB™ on HUNDO-CLUB-SOCIAL profile! make a MINIMUM DONATION OF $20.00 USD  and embark on an empowering journey with like-minded individuals within the Spartan community. Together, we can conquer challenges, achieve personal growth, and positively impact ourselves and others around us.

Just to let you know, the membership for the SPARTAN PROGRAM is solely based on donations. This means that your contribution not only grants you access to our exclusive program but also supports our mission and helps us continue providing valuable resources and opportunities for our members.

We understand that financial situations may vary, and we appreciate any additional contributions beyond the minimum requirement. However, please rest assured that your participation in the Spartan Program is not contingent on making any further payments.


At its core the SPARTAN PROGRAM is an opportunity for any united states veteran to get the help they really need pertaining to veteran affairs Compensation and pension questions. it is an opportunity for supporters to help disabled veterans gain their service connected disability rating and service connection. the SPARTAN PROGRAM is open to the general public. in this program, the general public supports a disabled veteran in getting his claims properly done and a step by step guide through the VA. The strength is in the “PHALANX”. When we stand side by side and work together as one unit. one team. 

The SPARTAN PROGRAM is a remarkable initiative that aims to provide much-needed assistance to United States veterans in navigating the complex realm of Veteran Affairs Compensation and Pension. This program offers a unique opportunity for veterans to access the help they truly need when it comes to understanding and securing their entitled benefits.

the SPARTAN PROGRAM serves as a lifeline for disabled veterans who are seeking to gain their service-connected disability rating. It recognizes the sacrifices made by these brave individuals during their service and strives to ensure that they receive the support they deserve.

For supporters of our veterans, this program presents an invaluable chance to make a meaningful difference in their lives. By participating in the SPARTAN PROGRAM, supporters can actively contribute towards helping disabled veterans navigate through the intricate process of obtaining their rightful benefits.

Through comprehensive guidance and expert assistance provided by this program, disabled veterans can find solace in knowing that there are dedicated individuals who are committed to advocating for them. The SPARTAN PROGRAM acts as a bridge between deserving veterans and the resources available to them within the Veteran Affairs system.

In conclusion, the SPARTAN PROGRAM is not just an opportunity; it is a beacon of hope for United States veterans seeking clarity and support regarding their compensation and pension questions. It serves as a testament to our collective commitment towards honoring those who have served our nation selflessly.

The Veteran Hundo Club is a program dedicated to supporting veterans in need and building a stronger community network. If you wish to make a greater impact and contribute more to this noble cause, your generosity is always welcome and highly encouraged.

By donating more, you are directly investing in the betterment of the community and providing real assistance to veterans who require our support. Your contributions will be utilized to improve the network infrastructure, ensuring that veterans have access to essential resources and services.

Your donations play a crucial role in creating a positive change for those who have served our country. Every dollar you contribute helps us make a significant difference in the lives of veterans, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives after their service.

Join us in making a lasting impact by donating generously. Together, we can build a stronger community and provide vital assistance to those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

If you wish to donate more to the program your always welcome and Encouraged as its for a good cause. its all going back into the community to build you a better network and give real assistance to veterans in need. Your donations help maintain the costs associated with the website, maintenance and continuing giving you great value. You also help us build a social networking platform only for veterans of the united states armed forces.

The Veteran Hundo Club is a community-driven initiative aimed at providing real assistance to veterans in need. If you wish to make a difference and contribute more to this program, your generous donations are always welcome and encouraged. By donating, you are not only supporting a good cause but also helping to build a better network within the community.

All the funds received through your donations will be reinvested back into the community, ensuring that they are utilized effectively and efficiently. These funds will be used to provide essential resources, support services, and programs that directly benefit veterans who require assistance.

Your contributions play a crucial role in making a positive impact on the lives of our veterans. By donating, you are helping us create a stronger support system and improve the overall well-being of those who have served our country.

We appreciate your willingness to give back and join us in this noble cause. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of our veterans by providing them with the support they deserve. Your donations truly help us fulfill our mission and create lasting change within our community

1) We created the SPARTAN PROGRAM to allow ANY Veteran looking for quality value and assistance to be able to have access to it. To be able to get the answers to “who, what, where, when, why and how” to create a perfect VA claim at a minimum fee.

  • Our vision at its core is that Veterans have access to money (answers to VA Claims), status (increased social appreciation), power (personal power), love (ability to connect to new people with similar minds, and interests), knowledge (all the government resources in one place), protection (exclusive program only for Veterans), pleasure (access to anything thought possible for entertainment), and excitement (its new, and exclusive).
  • We want to create a place where we can help you obtain material and non material qualities like status, power, and influence. We promise we want to increase your wealth, gain recognition (famous), increase your influence and ability to connect to powerful peoples, institutions, and organizations.
  • The feeeling of being valued and cared for by forming relationships with others, platonic or romantic. We are built to increase your boding ability which we promise will make you attractive, professionally or otherwise, and well liked. How could it be easier than networking with only Veterans who understand your story?
  • Our goal is to satisfy your desire for curiosity. Our business’ is build on the drive to learn including academic programs, training workshops, and book suggestions. We promise to make you more knowledgeable or competent for all things “Veteran”. 
  • We want to the desire to protect Veterans, ourselves, our loved ones, and our property. We want implement legal services, nexus letters, medical professionals, insurers and prevent anything bad from happening that will prevent you from the connections that benefit you the most.

Our goal is to increase your desire for new stimuli, emotional experiences, pleasure, excitement, entertainment, and anticipation. We want to suggest theaters, arcades, concerts, sport teams or anything that thrills us. We promise to give you something to look forward too.




The well-being and successful reintegration of veterans into civilian life is a matter of paramount importance. However, the existing avenues for support offered by veteran service organizations (VSOs), law firms, and other institutions often fall short of meeting the specific needs of veterans. Recognizing this gap, the Hundo Club has developed the Spartan Pilot Program, aiming to provide veterans with a unique system that delivers the results they truly require. This essay will delve into the problem that the Hundo Club’s Spartan Pilot Program seeks to solve and the ways in which it aims to address this issue.

The Inadequacy of Current Support Programs: At present, numerous VSOs, law firms, and organizations like Disabled American Veterans (DAV) are dedicated to assisting veterans. However, anecdotal evidence shows that their services do not consistently deliver the desired outcomes. Countless veterans, including the CEO of the Veteran HUNDO CLUB, have voiced their concerns about the limitations these programs impose.

The Need for a Unique and Result-Oriented System

The Hundo Club recognizes the need for a tailored approach to veterans’ support. Through its Spartan Pilot Program, the organization aims to provide quality services beyond available. The program aspires to develop a system that genuinely delivers the results veterans require.

Putting Earnings Towards Solving a Bigger Problem

One of the distinguishing features of the Spartan Pilot Program is its commitment to utilizing the earnings from clients or donations to address a larger problem faced by the 18.5 million U.S. veterans. The Hundo Club plans to create a Social Networking Platform dedicated to enhancing the well-being and reintegration of veterans. By leveraging the revenue generated from its services, the organization aims to develop a comprehensive platform that fosters connection, support, and resource access for all veterans.


The Hundo Club’s Spartan Pilot Program addresses the inadequacy of the current support systems offered to veterans. By recognizing the limitations of existing programs and developing a unique system that prioritizes results, the organization aims to provide much-needed quality services. Furthermore, by allocating earnings towards creating a Social Networking Platform for veterans, the Hundo Club is actively working to solve a broader problem all U.S. veterans face. By combining innovative solutions with a commitment to improving the lives of veterans, the Spartan Pilot Program is poised to make a significant difference in the post-military lives of those who have served our nation.


I would like to bring to your attention an initiative that aims to support and connect our esteemed Veterans. We are proud to share that we are working on a social networking App exclusively designed for Veterans. We want to continue to give you the veteran continued value for the long term. we aim to be the #1 source for veterans globally pertaining to anything military or veteran.

What sets our endeavor apart is our commitment to ensuring that any donation funds or generated revenue from the App will be reinvested into the Veteran community or used to enhance the product itself. With this approach, our primary goal is to create a better platform tailored to meet the unique needs of Veterans.

We firmly believe that Veterans deserve access to a social networking platform that is both user-friendly and free of charge. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that the Social Networking App for Veterans will remain free forever. Our intention is to foster a sense of camaraderie, facilitate connections, and provide a platform for Veterans to share their experiences, challenges, and achievements.

We understand the significance of supporting our Veterans and acknowledging their sacrifices. By providing this App and ensuring its continuous improvement, we hope to make a positive impact on the lives of Veterans and enable them to stay connected with their community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Should you have any inquiries or wish to participate in our initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your support in helping us create a valuable and lasting resource for our Veterans.


Christopher Raymond




Joining the Ranks of the Elite

we want veterans globally to get real results for their veteran affair compensation and pension claims. we want veterans to understand how the system works. We want veterans to make educated decisions which solves problems and make key decisions pertaining to their claim. 

An Icon of Resilience and Strength

This program is meant to bridge the gap. it is to serve the general public and give true value that will help any veteran get the results they need and want. A bridge between Government organizations assisting and the private sector. the private sector has to work 10 times harder than government sector. The SPARTAN PROGRAM is that gap filler.


Going against the Department of Veteran Affairs. It is exactly like the Battle of Thermopylae. We are constantly fighting to get what we are entitled too with your compensation and pension. Protecting what is ours against a storm that seems unrelenting. It is us the few; against the Government. We know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to get your disability compensation from the Veteran Affairs. 

The SPARTAN PROGRAM is about getting every Veteran their entitlements. The opportunity for real support at little to no cost. It is about getting the tools of what really works at the HUNDO CLUB. It is about winning this war on getting your benefits you deserve. 



Any service member who was not dishonorably discharged and sustained an injury or illness during their time in the military—whether service connected by the VA or not—or anyone who aggravated a previous injury during his or her time in service, is eligible for VHC membership so long as they served in the United States Armed Forces (does not have to be direct combat).

It’s well known that VHC’S services, including professional help with VA claims. VHC wants to provide to all ALL veterans—all of which are provided at a very small donation cost to veterans—requiring a membership in VHC. Enlist into the VETERAN SPARTAN PROGRAM and we immediately start your process.

However, VETERAN HUNDO CLUB MEMBERS do get any future perks and releases or incorporations. 


Please complete your VHC REGISTRATION AT HTTPS://WWW.HUNDOCLUB.NET for membership online or ask to download our application, fill it out and mail it in.

Either way, joining VHC’s ranks brings individual perks and strengthens the voices of our nation’s veterans in your local community and globally.

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