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Connecting Vets Project.

VetTalk provides a unique service for veterans and service members to connect with each other for FREE. There is no charge to connect with like minded individuals who you can talk with. Through Vet Talk, veterans can schedule an appointment to speak with another veteran or service member in order to build a bond, connection, and friendship. VetTalk is not a substitute for professional therapy, but rather an opportunity to connect with someone who understands the experiences of military life.

our mission

VetTalk's mission is to connect veterans and service members with each other through online video calls so that they can receive support and guidance. Vet Talk believes fellow military members are best suited to understand and help other veterans and service members, and that by connecting with other veterans, veterans can build stronger relationships, find support, and adjust to civilian life more successfully. Our focus on peer support for veterans and service members transitioning back to civilian life. This approach offers a unique advantage. Veterans often share a strong sense of camaraderie and can relate to the challenges faced by others who have served. By connecting online, Vet Talk makes support accessible regardless of location.

dedicated VET TALK team

Lailia Martinez

VetTalk HR Manager

Hello! My name is Laila and I am the human resources manager here at VetTalk. I am a nursing student currently minoring in psychology and have not served in the military, however a lot of my family has and I respect everything that they do. What we do at VetTalk is all to aid you in your journey, wherever you may be in it, and I hope you find VetTalk’s resources helpful!

Krendra Harralson

VetTalk Secretary

Krendra is our Secretary and also retired Sergeant First Class, served 20 years in the Army between the WA National Guard and Active duty.Krendra served in various leadership positions, including company, battalion, and brigade-level senior medic, clinic NCOIC, and instructor, and she was later inducted into the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.

Patricia Mathes-Kerr

VetTalk Advisory Board Member

​Army 21yrs, 1mo, 1day. Prior JH/HS Licensed Educator, Prior Law Enforcement, Prior Director of Psychological Health for OK Air National Guard, Current Intimate Partner Violence Program Assistance Coordinator (IPVAP-C) for OKC VA, Licensed Clinical Social Worker-OK, American Legion Post 64 Oklahoma Commander/Past Chaplain/Past Judge Advocate.

VetTalk Has 13 More Members on the Team

About VetTalk & How It Began

Hi! My name is Destiny Jones. I got this idea when I got a call from a vet in despair one day and when he found out I was in the military he changed demeanors and completely opened up to me. At the end of our phone call, he thanked me for listening and told me, “There are many of us out there, please help fix this issue.” 

After that call, it got me thinking about what role I could play in helping other military members. My mission with this company is to help as many veterans or active military members who want to vent and just have someone listen.


if you in a crisis and need to talk to someone immediately you can call the national suicide hotline

Free, 24/7, confidential support is a click away. 

The Veterans Crisis Line can help even if you’re not enrolled in VA benefits or health care.


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