Like anything for a creation there must be a fix needed in society or a issue that was not addressed. I created Veteran Hundo Club LLC because I attempted to get help for my Veteran Affairs claims. I tried several difference approaches and everything I could think of.

  • I tried Veteran Service Officers (VSO’s) while on Active Duty
  • I tried Veteran Service Officers (VSO’s) at VA Hospitals
  • I tried Law Firms
  • I tried Disabled American Veterans: DAV
  • I tried Private Companies like VA Claims Insiders 

Veteran Service Officers (VSO’s):  At no time did any of these so called “experts” do anything for me. I was unable to get results at all from any of them. The VSO’s from Active Duty did not even prepare anything. Nor at the VA hospitals. It was obvious this course of action would not serve my needs. I asked for the process and they handed me a one page paper and said to come back a week later. I came back a week later and they “were on vacation”. That is what happens when you deal with Government employees. They are not in it 100% to go “beyond the call of duty” for you. I respect and honor the call they are trying to answer but I have seen that they do not want to apply first hand the skills and knowledge every Veteran deserves. 

Law Firms:  They did not charge the orientation but at then came the answer I was looking for. They wanted to do the bare minimum and then look at charging me for their service. It was again obvious they were playing games when it came to really servicing my needs. It seemed like a great option at first but being that I went through the entire the entire process from start to finish; Military Service, VA Hospitals, VA homeless shelters, VA medical programs and more I cannot stress enough that the experience we have at VETERAN HUNDO CLUB is beyond reproach of any law firm. We also do not charge 33% of your VA Claim. That is your money. 

Disabled American Veterans: DAV:  I became a member at DAV and I thought they would be the best support for my claim process. After paying the membership fee of $300.00 USD I was assigned a VSO from DAV. We had exactly fourteen emails between each other and he never reached back to me again. It was again obvious a waste of my time and not getting the results I needed. It was apparent that after our last message for assistance I never heard from them again except for advertisements and more donations to DAV. 

VA Claims Insiders:  I approached Brian Reese and VA Claims Insiders. They are a private company that coaches and educates on Veteran Claims. At first they seemed like a great choice. Once again I was faced with the harsh reality that they did nothing for me. They sent me a google drive folder with a demographic sheet and a few power point presentations to my email.  I informed VA Claims Insiders that I want to complete my VA claim by myself. If I need assistance I will contact them in the future. I completed my claim myself without their “Experts” and then VA Claims Insiders sent me a bill for a total of $21, 224.24. At no time did I sign a contract or request for further service. I never asked for their “Nexus letters” or medical opinions. I was “window shopping” and nothing more.  I completed my claim without support and sent VA Claim Insiders a photo that I was awarded 100% disability on a first time go. I only notified them that I completed my claim  show how proud I was of my achievement. I never used their assistance of any of their “experts” and then they sent me a bill for $21,224.24 USD.



After all these epic failures within our American system it became apparent that I had to fix this issue. Never again do I want to see another United States Veteran be treated like how I have been treated. Therefore, I created the worlds most unique organization and group VETERAN HUNDO CLUB. At no point do I want to see another veteran not get what they are really entitled too. After exploring all the failures I know that I never want to see another veteran go through this pain again. I have had countless members of VETERAN HUNDO CLUB tell us, “they are too frustrated with how the system works for the Veteran Affairs and its overwhelming”. We aim to remove all these boundaries and difficulties for the 18.5 million United States Veterans. 

Answer:  We do not want any barriers for Veterans to get what they are entitled to.  Mind you that our program is meant to be a real club. A real organization. With global support from the Entire Veteran community. We never want to see another veteran be charged $21,224.24 for false claim assistance or education again. We are all Veterans and deserve to be able to get real assistance with real results without being abused by “Sharks.” 

We are a real educational platform designed for supporting veterans. We aim to be the world’s #1 go to source for veterans globally.

Answer: The SPARTAN PROGRAM is our new initiative to create a real and lasting impact for Veterans. We have a introduction donation to the HUNDO CLUB of only $20.00 USD for a reason. That donation amount is to ensure we are dealing with people who are serious about getting help. We have limited time and we want to ensure everyone is committed to our cause. 

We want to ensure no one has to pay ever again 6X their disability upgrade pay by private firms or have to come out of pocket for 20-33% of their disability pay by a Law Firm. 

We want everyone who is a Veteran to enjoy the freedom on information and collaborate together. At its core the SPARTAN PROGRAM is an opportunity for any united states veteran to get the help they really need pertaining to veteran affairs Compensation and pension questions. it is an opportunity for supporters to help disabled veterans gain their service connected disability rating and service connection. the SPARTAN PROGRAM is open to the general public. in this program, the general public supports a disabled veteran in getting his claims properly done and a step by step guide through the VA. The strength is in the “Phalanx”. When we stand side by side and work together as one unit. One team.

Get your unique emblem today by donating to Veteran Hundo Club!

We have had countless people ask for my assistance to help them with their cases. That is why VETERAN HUNDO CLUB was created. My system is full proof. Be aware’ we try to “turn water into wine”.

You need to have something we can work with to turn it into a completed product that will benefit you.



In the English language, the word veteran is used to describe a person who has a significant amount of experience in any service-oriented field. However, the term is most commonly understood in the context of the military. In this lesson, we will focus on US military veterans.


A military veteran is someone who has served on active duty in one of the seven uniformed services of the United States.

According to Title 38 of the US Code of Federal Regulations, a veteran is legally defined as “a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.” In order for a person to claim veteran status and earn veteran benefits, most cases require that a person be honorably discharged or, in the case of officers, relieved of active duty. A person must serve on active duty (that is, full-time military service) for at least one day in order to be classified as a veteran. Deployment or participation in a war is not required.

What determines whether or not a service member can be considered a veteran is the classification of their discharge from the military. There are technically five different types of discharges, although the most common types are “honorable” and “dishonorable”.

  • When a veteran is honorably discharged, it means that nothing prevented that person from fulfilling their assigned military duty while abiding by all rules and laws. Honorable discharge status allows a veteran to have access to full veteran benefits upon discharge.
  • In contrast, a service member who is dishonorably discharged does not receive any veteran benefits in addition to the loss of some civilian rights. They have committed a major offense, which may include (but is not limited to) murder, fraud, treason, or sexual assault. Individuals who are dishonorably discharged are not legally considered veterans.

The United States honors veterans each year on Veterans Day, a national holiday celebrated on November 11th.

There are different types of veterans recognized by the law and by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA is the second-largest US federal organization and provides services to veterans and their families. While they are all classified as veterans, there are even more specific categories by which a veteran may be identified. These include:

  • Veterans by military branches
  • Combat or war veterans
  • Disabled veterans
  • Veterans of services other than the armed forces


If a veteran acquires an illness or injury caused by their service in the armed forces, or if an existing condition was made worse because of the veteran’s service, they are considered a disabled veteran. Physical injuries, as well as chronic illnesses and mental health conditions, are all considered disabilities under this classification. If a member of the armed forces is injured or killed during combat against an enemy of the United States, they are eligible to receive the Purple Heart Medal in recognition of their sacrifice to the nation. In the event that a service member dies of wounds or is killed during combat, the service member’s next of kin receives the medal in honor of the deceased service member.




At its core the SPARTAN PROGRAM is an opportunity for any united states veteran to get the help they really need pertaining to veteran affairs Compensation and pension questions. it is an opportunity for supporters to help disabled veterans gain their service connected disability rating and service connection. the SPARTAN PROGRAM is open to the general public. in this program, the general public supports a disabled veteran in getting his claims properly done and a step by step guide through the VA. The strength is in the “Phalanx”. When we stand side by side and work together as one unit. one team.

get a unique emblem only issued to veterans who have donated to vETERAN HUNDO CLUB™ on HUNDO-CLUB-SOCIAL profile! make a MINIMUM DONATION OF $20.00 USD  and embark on an empowering journey with like-minded individuals within the Spartan community. Together, we can conquer challenges, achieve personal growth, and positively impact ourselves and others around us.

  • MEMBERSHIP FOR THE SPARTAN PROGRAM IS BASED SOLELY ON DONATIONS.  your in control of your future. help others take control of theirs. brothers and sisters in arms. 
  • Your awarded with a special emblem on your veteran hundo club social profile that can only be given by donating to support our cause. The community will know your one of the select few have given back to the community. 
  • all proceeds directly support Hundo Club™ building the next generation social networking platform for you. support programs that community vote upon such as emergency funds for those in dire need, vA claims coaching, business coaching, legal assistance and so much more.


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