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VETERAN hundo club

is creating a veteran only social network platform


nothing. free. forever. veterans for veterans.

Veteran Hundo Club prides itself on being an educational foundation first and foremost. We respect your privacy. We understand that not every individual will be entitled to join the Hundo Club. It is meant to be an Exclusive Program. It is meant to enable Veterans to socialize, network, get answers on Veteran Claims, and benefits, and provide resources (economic or information) to ensure every Veteran gets what they are entitled to. Either financial or social we can all benefit from the service we provide. Our goal is to offer our service in helping and assisting in existence, relatedness, and growth. We provide a benefit to users across the globe. You will be able to design a plan that will get you what you want.

our vision is to be more than a cure. it's the answer to "veteran grievances' worldwide"

it's our answer to allow veterans get everything they want in one place
networking. socialization. answers. questions. resources.


Veteran Hundo Club was created by a Veteran for Veterans. VHC Social Platform is the cure to a problem in the market. A one stop shop for everything that Veterans can be part of. 

  • We know there is a extreme need for this right now. People want and need a place where they feel safe, confident and reassured that the answers they get are coming from people who have “been there, done that.”
  • With 16.5 Million Veterans currently in the United States the network is huge. How many people are looking for a social platform to get answers that are friends and have your best interests in heart? Questions, answers and direction from Brothers and Sisters in Arms. We are a Club, the One Percent’.
  • Veteran Hundo Club Social Network Platform is absolutely FREE. We mean FREE FOREVER. It will not cost you a dollar to join. Any Veteran that joins the Hundo Club have done so with their own accord.
  • What does it take to inform other Veterans of a platform that can give you the resources you need that can change Veterans lives forever? Nothing. Just a tag or post here and there. 
  • We deliver a product that changes lifetimes and it doesn’t cost anything to join. The only requirement is that your a Veteran. Delivering information, education, social networking and more. 

There currently is not any social networking platform that is meant for Veterans. We identified a problem. We aim to fix this issue. So its Unique. One place, under one roof to get something unique. Very few companies can offer a Exclusive Program. 



We are a private club. To help educate and teach one another how to grow themselves, only veterans are eligible to join our network. It's the best application of the First Amendment. Consider it like this. Can you picture a Facebook exclusively for yourself? only for your needs and wants, nothing more. It was created especially to make it possible for you to easily obtain the resources you require in order to file a VA claim. it is impossible even the most knowledgeable experts in the VA Claim procedure to know everything. However, the combined thoughts of 18.5 million veterans will. This, in our opinion, is "why" you should join Veteran Hundo Club right away.


  • Create a social Networking Platform that can only be used by United State Veterans.


  • Our vision at its core is that Veterans have access to money (answers to VA Claims), status (increased social appreciation), power (personal power), love (ability to connect to new people with similar minds, and interests), knowledge (all the government resources in one place), protection (exclusive program only for Veterans), pleasure (access to anything thought possible for entertainment), and excitement (its new, and exclusive).
  • We want to create a place where we can help you obtain material and non material qualities like status, power, and influence. We promise we want to increase your wealth, gain recognition (famous), increase your influence and ability to connect to powerful peoples, institutions, and organizations.
  • The feeeling of being valued and cared for by forming relationships with others, platonic or romantic. We are built to increase your boding ability which we promise will make you attractive, professionally or otherwise, and well liked. How could it be easier than networking with only Veterans who understand your story?
  • Our goal is to satisfy your desire for curiosity. Our business’ is build on the drive to learn including academic programs, training workshops, and book suggestions. We promise to make you more knowledgeable or competent for all things “Veteran”. 
  • We want to the desire to protect Veterans, ourselves, our loved ones, and our property. We want implement legal services, nexus letters, medical professionals, insurers and prevent anything bad from happening that will prevent you from the connections that benefit you the most.

Our goal is to increase your desire for new stimuli, emotional experiences, pleasure, excitement, entertainment, and anticipation. We want to suggest theaters, arcades, concerts, sport teams or anything that thrills us. We promise to give you something to look forward too.


We Are The One Percent'


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